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10 Free Best URL Shorteners To Earn Money AT Home

10 Free Best URL Shorteners To Earn Money AT Home

URL shorteners have come a long way from being simple tools to trim down long links. Today, they have evolved into platforms that offer an opportunity to earn money while sharing content online. Whether you’re a social media influencer, blogger, marketer, or just someone who frequently shares links, these top 10 URL shorteners can help you generate revenue through link shortening. In this article, we’ll explore the best URL shorteners that allow you to monetize your shortened links effectively.

Top 10 URL Shorteners

Top 10 Link Shorteners

  1. Linkvertise:
    Linkvertise is one of the most well-known URL shorteners for earning money. It provides an intuitive interface and multiple tools for link monetization. You earn money when someone clicks on your shortened links and views an ad for a few seconds before reaching the destination page.
  2. Shorte.st:
    Shorte.st offers various monetization options, including interstitial ads, banner ads, and scripts to integrate with your website. It provides real-time statistics and pays out via multiple payment methods.
  3. Za.gl:
    Za.gl allows you to monetize your links through various advertising formats, including banner ads, interstitial ads, and surveys. They offer detailed analytics and a range of payout options.
  4. Ouo.io:
    Ouo.io provides a simple and user-friendly interface for link shortening and monetization. It offers competitive payout rates and various ad types, such as interstitial ads and banners.
  5. Shrinkearn:
    Shrinkearn offers an easy-to-use platform for shortening links and earning money. It provides detailed statistics and offers multiple payout methods, including PayPal and Payza.
  6. Ally:
    Ally is a URL shortener that focuses on delivering clean and user-friendly links. It offers multiple monetization options, including pop-up ads and interstitial ads. Ally also provides detailed analytics to track your link performance.
  7. AdShrink.it:
    AdShrink.it allows you to monetize your links with interstitial ads, banner ads, and scripts. It offers competitive payout rates and provides various customization options for your shortened links.
  8. Linkrex:
    Linkrex offers a straightforward way to shorten links and earn money. It provides different ad formats and allows you to track your earnings and link performance in real-time.
  9. ClicksFly:
    ClicksFly is a user-friendly URL shortener that offers various advertising formats for monetization. It provides detailed statistics and allows you to withdraw your earnings through different payment methods.
  10. Uiz.io:
    Uiz.io offers link shortening and monetization services with a range of advertising options. It provides detailed statistics and a clean dashboard to manage your links and track your earnings.

Monetizing your links through URL shorteners can be a beneficial way to earn money online, especially if you frequently share content across social media platforms, blogs, or websites. Each of the top 10 URL shorteners mentioned above offers unique features, payout methods, and advertising formats. Before choosing the right one for you, consider your audience, the type of content you share, and the monetization methods that align with your goals. With the right strategy and quality content, you can turn your shortened links into a steady source of income.

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