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Virat Kohli vs Rohit


Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, two standout performers for the Indian Cricket team, have led to an ongoing debate about who has been the more successful captain. Kohli, the former captain, oversaw the team in 213 matches, including 95 ODIs. In contrast, current captain Rohit Sharma has led in 93 matches, with 33 ODIs under his belt. Despite leading in fewer ODI matches, Rohit boasts an impressive 72.87% winning percentage with 24 victories out of 33 matches. On the other hand, Kohli’s captaincy has seen 65 ODI wins out of 95 matches, resulting in a winning percentage of 68.42%.These statistics highlight the leadership abilities of both Kohli and Rohit. For the latest cricket updates and insights, visit Cricaza.

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