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Children learn about their world through play. The Play and Language Therapy Sessions in Hauz Khas facilitate the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development of the children. As young children develop, they begin understanding and learning how to communicate during the Play and Language Therapy in Hauz Khas and thus learn to socialize within the context of play. Since play and language skills develop in tandem, we often play during the Play and Language therapy in Hauz Khas and Social Communication and Behaviour Therapy to encourage language. Rule-based “game play” is often built into language activities and/or combined with other forms of play to entice children to join in the Play and Language Therapy in Hauz Khas, South Delhi. We use “symbolic play” (pretend play) during the Play Therapy Sessions in Hauz Khas to get a child talking, since pretending requires the use of language in order to build a shared understanding.


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