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Grey Hair Treatment

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What is Greying Hair?
Greying hair, also known as canities, is the natural process of hair losing its pigment and turning grey or white. It occurs due to a gradual reduction in melanin production, the pigment responsible for hair colour. While greying is typical for ageing, it can also occur prematurely due to various factors. However, VCare provides a permanent solution with its grey hair treatment in Chennai.
Types of Greying Hair
Greying hair can be classified into two main types:
Natural Greying: This type of greying occurs as part of the ageing process and is influenced by genetic factors. It typically starts around middle age and progresses gradually over time.

Premature Greying: Premature greying refers to the onset of grey hair before age 20 in Caucasians, before 25 in Asians, and before 30 in Africans. Genetic predisposition, environmental factors, or underlying health conditions can cause it.

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