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Kidney Stone Causes, Ayurvedic Treatment, and Home Remedies

Kidney Stone Causes, Ayurvedic Treatment, and Home Remedies

When you think or hear about kidney stones, what’s the first thought comes to your mind? It’s likely the hurtful pain and discomfort they cause, which can be quite distressing. While kidney stones are a common ailment, living with them is far from simple. Although various medications are accessible for addressing this condition, the most effective approach for eliminating it is to consider an kidney stone ayurvedic treatment.

Lots of people don’t realize they have these little stones inside their kidneys until they feel really, really bad pain in their belly. Think of it like this: everything is going just fine in your life, you’re busy with work and your personal stuff. Then, out of the blue, you get this terrible tummy ache that makes you feel super tired and wiped out.

These little things can move around inside and bother you in your back and other places, making your daily life not so great. You only figure out you have kidney stones when you go see a doctor. No doubt, kidney stones can be a real hassle and hurt a lot, sneaking into your happy and fun life.

So, what are kidney stones?

They are called urinary stones or other names like renal calculi, renal stones, or urinary calculi. They’re like hard lumps made from minerals and things in your pee. Most of the time, about seventy-five percent, they are made of calcium. These kidney stones can be big or small, and they come in different colors and shapes.

Kidney Stone Ayurvedic treatment

Kidney stones can be Classified into four types depending on their chemical composition.

  • Crystine
  • Uric Acid
  • Calcium Oxalate
  • Struvite

On the record, more males tend to get kidney stones than girls. About one out of every ten people will have kidney stones at some time in their life. If you have a tummy ache that just won’t go away, it’s a good idea to see a doctor. This is the first step to get the right Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones.

However, before exploring the causes of kidney stones, let’s find it out in detail. 

What causes kidney stones?

Uric Acid

They occur because of a high intake of purine from food items like shellfish and organ meat.

Calcium Oxalate 

The primary cause of this stone is inadequate intake of calcium and fluid.


These types of stones occur due to an infection in the upper urinary tract.

Other causes of kidney stones.

Some more common factors are listed below.

Aerated Drinks

Do you know that those bubbly drinks can be a sneaky trick that harms your health? That cola in a can may seem tempting, but it can bring lots of health troubles. These drinks aren’t good for your kidneys and other organs. They can make little mineral stones in your bladder or tubes. If you have lots of caffeine and alcohol every day, it can make you really thirsty all the time and cause kidney stones.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Do you know how important it is to drink plenty of water? To keep your insides working right, you should have about four to five big glasses of water every day. If you don’t drink enough water, your body can’t wash away bad stuff and it can make minerals build up in your pee, which can lead to kidney stones.

Taking Medicine

Some medicines can have side effects, like making you more likely to get kidney stones. This can happen if you take medicines for a long time to treat other health problems.

Sitting a Lot and Not Being Healthy

Jobs where you sit at a desk all day, working long hours, and not eating right or getting exercise can cause many illnesses. People who exercise, eat well, and live healthy lives usually have better plumbing for their pee than folks who don’t.

Being Overweight

Being too heavy can lead to a lot of illnesses, including kidney stones. People who are overweight have a higher chance of getting kidney stones than those who are a normal weight.

Eating Too Much Salt and Protein

If you eat a lot of salt and protein without drinking enough water, it can lead to kidney stones. If you’ve ever had kidney stones, it’s a good idea to eat less salt and protein.

Why Are Ayurvedic Medicines Good for Kidney Stones?

Ayurvedic medicines are known to be very helpful for kidney stones. They’re considered great for many health issues because they focus on making your whole body healthy. Here’s why Ayurveda is so good for kidney stones:

It Gets to the Real Problem

Ayurvedic treatment doesn’t just cover up the symptoms; it tries to find and fix the real problem that’s causing the disease. First, it cleans your body to make the medicines work better in getting rid of the main issue.

Not Just About Medicine

Ayurveda also looks at the way you live and what you eat. This is important because it helps the medicines work even better. If you make changes to how you live and eat, your health can get much better.

Thinks About Your Future Health

When Ayurveda treats the main problem, it helps you stay healthy in the future. If you don’t treat the main problem, it can lead to more health issues later on. After Ayurvedic treatment, you’re less likely to have more health problems.

To find the best Ayurvedic Treatment for kidney stones, you can talk to the folks at Yogveda. They’re well-known for treating kidney stones and other illnesses. The Ayurvedic doctors there are skilled and they understand your problems. They’ll give you the right treatment.

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